Bernafon True Stories

John Guttink, pilot in Rotterdam, Netherlands

A view from above

A spirited aviator, John takes it to the clouds to get a feel of just how flat the Dutch landscape is. But it's not all play - weather, altitude and surrounding traffic need constant monitoring. And to make for a smooth flight, effective communication with the co-pilot and the control tower is kept in check from take-off to touch down. With technology that performs in most challenging listening environments, his Bernafon hearing aids give him improved speech understanding and attenuation of unpleasant noise. Even 5,000 feet above the ground.

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Optimal speech understanding

Bernafon's latest-generation hearing aids give conversations priority. Packed with smart signal processing technologies, they amplify speech and reduce noise with remarkable accuracy. This makes listening less of an effort - even in situations involving multiple people speaking. Get ready to jump into the conversations you care about.

Leading technology

Understanding speech helps us connect with the people that matter and lets us take part in those moments we don't want to miss out on. Combining the industry's most advanced hearing technologies with more than 70 years of company know-how, Bernafon hearing aids make sure speech and other important sounds are just as they should be. Because it's more than better hearing, it's what comes from it.

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