About Bernafon

Putting hearing care professionals first

We make it our job to empower the work of hearing care professionals. Because we know that professional care is the key that turns extraordinary technology into personal solutions.

The Sound Experience

When it comes to providing meaningful care, expertise matters. We empower professionals to deliver excellent hearing care on their terms. So they can provide the best solutions and the best experiences for each and every client. That's what we call The Sound Experience.

Solutions to feel good about

It’s all about helping people with hearing loss experience life the way they want to. That’s why we offer hearing aids with the exceptional sound quality that Bernafon is known for, proven benefits across technology levels, and support and tools that mean more time to spend on clients and their hearing care.

Why we focus on professional care

Good hearing health matters for people’s overall quality of life – whether for enriching social connections or enjoying everyday independence. The benefits of daily hearing aid use might even include positive effects in preventing dementia.1,2 The right hearing aid can change someone’s life. Yet a hearing aid alone isn’t enough without the support of a hearing care expert.

“Our clinicians and our clients alike report really great outcomes from the first fit onwards. With software that’s very easy to use and intuitive, and a great range of tech and accessories, along with great hearing aids.”

– Director, audiology clinic, Australia

Young woman working with a microscope in tech lab.

Bringing you the strength of a hearing care powerhouse

As part of the Demant Group, with over a century of experience and know-how, Bernafon benefits from one of the world’s strongest hearing healthcare research and development teams, ranging from diagnostics to sound processing.

Advanced technology that puts benefits first

We invest in advanced technology, but we know it’s the real-life benefits that count. Our hearing aids pack in cutting-edge technology like amplification that keeps the natural patterns of speech intact, noise reduction refined by machine learning, a unique algorithm for amplifying music, and more. All so users can experience clear and natural sound.

A strong heritage in hearing care

Bernafon has been developing hearing aid devices since 1946, when a telephone company expanded its business to also develop amplification devices. The company was located in Bern, Switzerland, which led to the name Bernafon. By 1987, Bernafon was actually the first to develop a digitally programmable hearing aid – and the first fully digital device came out in 1999. Bernafon was acquired by the Demant Group in 1994. Much of the company remained in Switzerland until 2022, when it then moved to the Demant Headquarters near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Working with Bernafon

Because we recognise how essential expertise is, we focus on putting our high-quality hearing aids in the hands of high-quality hearing care professionals. Professionals who are as committed to the highest standards of care as we are. We value every partnership we have with hearing care professionals all over the world.

If you'd like to partner with Bernafon, or just hear more about us, don’t hesitate to contact your local representative.

Older woman with headphones doing hearing test in hearing clinic with hearing care professional.

Luis Miguel Ávila, Head of Audiology, Soloptical Group, Spain

“We receive support from Bernafon in different ways: audiological support, training support, marketing support. But I think that the real support comes from knowing that a consultation, a call, or an email has a quick, effective, and personalised response.”

1Livingston, G., et al. (2020). Dementia prevention, Intervention, and Care: 2020 Report of the Lancet Commission. Lancet, 2020, 396, 413-446. 
2Cantuaria M.L., et al. (2024). Hearing Loss, Hearing Aid Use, and Risk of Dementia in Older Adults. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2024, doi: 10.1001/jamaoto.2023.3509.