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Get a quick hearing check with Bernafon’s online test for hearing loss.

Bernafon’s free online hearing test

Our hearing test gives you a quick indication of your hearing level. It tests your ability to hear at different frequencies by playing pure tones at varying volume levels. We will also ask you a few simple questions about your hearing.

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“I found out my hearing had got worse. I had to turn the TV up to hear the news.” - John Guttink

With Bernafon’s free hearing test, you don’t need to enter your email or any other details. What’s more, the test is completely free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Why take an online hearing test? 

Taking a hearing test online is a great way to get a quick and easy indication of your hearing ability. You can do the test from the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you, so you can ensure you have calm and quiet surroundings. 

However, no online hearing test can replace an in-person hearing test performed by a trained hearing care professional. 

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What do the best online hearing tests offer?

The best online hearing tests include a frequency test, which means they assess your hearing with a variety of high-pitched and low-pitched sounds. This is because we hear differently at different levels. Moreover, hearing loss often affects a specific part of the frequency spectrum, so some frequencies or pitches are harder to hear than others. 

Some online tests give you an indication of your hearing age. While this may help you to understand your hearing ability, it can be misleading. This is because people have hearing loss at all ages, and due to many different causes that are not necessarily age related. In addition, while people often develop more hearing loss as they get older, they don’t always do so. 

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