6 new things to know about our fitting software

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With our fitting software Oasisnxt 2018.2, we have introduced new features and updates to existing features. Here we highlight 6 new items – are you aware of them all?

1. Options for hearing aid family performance categories and style

To simulate the new custom instruments and demonstrate the possibilities, we have introduced the selection of options.


2. Transfer Fitting is (re-)introduced in 2018.2

In Oasisnxt 2018.2, Transfer Fitting will continue to transfer the Gain, MPO, and Adaptation settings of P1.


In the next version, Transfer Fitting will offer more functionalities.

3. Oasisnxt 2018.2 now offers fine-tuning of the DAI/FM when an adapter is attached

This gives you the possibility to select the programs with DAI/FM response and under the “sound settings” to set the DAI/FM – Microphone balance.


4. The print options in Oasisnxt have been extended

  • You can create your own Title Page

  • oasisnxt-picture-4-1

  • You can print the report in all available languages

  • oasisnxt-picture-4-2

  • We added the Quick Guides for the end users (Hearing Instrument, SoundClip-A, and Tinnitus). It includes the client’s name, the hearing instrument, the local controls, the program names as renamed in the Program Assignment tab, and the summary of each program.

  • The level of detail for the printout for the hearing care professional can be set

  • oasisnxt-picture-4-3

  • Also, a printout for REMfit and Verifit® LINK is offered

5. Oasisnxt 2018.2 includes an interface to Audioscan Verifit. So, you can perform REMfit also with Verifit.

The instructional video can be found here:

Oasisnxt is IMC2 certified and supports via the IMC2 protocol the following measurement modules:

  • Auditdata Primus
  • Interacoustics Affinity and Callisto
  • MedRx Avant REM
  • Otometrics Otosuite
  • Sivantos Unity 3

Use this link to check which equipment is supported and the software versions needed:

6. The Firmware Updater now also supports updates of the SoundClip-A


Our Training Team has created a video which shows you the new features as well.

How did you do? Were you aware of all these updates? Let us know in a comment. If you would like further information about the latest version of our fitting software, or if you need a link to download the latest software version, please go to our webpage dedicated to Oasisnxt.


About the author:

Fritz Rieger
Fritz Rieger, Hörgeräteakustikermeister
and EMBA in General Management

Fritz joined Bernafon in 2008, first as an audiologist in hearing aid development and later as a requirements engineer in software development. Since 2017, Fritz works as a Software Product Manager. As a former hearing care professional, his extensive experience helps him in his daily work to understand the requirements of hearing aid users and hearing care professionals. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music and audio books, skiing, and mountain biking.