The Leox pediatric movie - An entertaining way to teach children how to use hearing aids

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Children that are fitted with hearing aids as well as their parents or caregivers need to understand some basic “dos and don’ts” when it comes to the daily usage and handling of a hearing aid. Learning about the essentials regarding the care of hearing aids clearly helps to avoid repairs. Proper maintenance will also increase the chance that the devices continue to work properly and transmit sound as they are supposed to do. And of course, it is even more important that all the safety aspects are understood and followed to avoid any mishaps.

From experience, I know that it is challenging to create a user guide that is informational, understandable, and entertaining. Sometimes such guides can be rather technical and difficult to understand especially for a child; sometimes a lot of text scares even the adult reader away. As a hearing care professional (HCP), you are obliged to hand out these guides, but it can leave you sometimes with an uncertain feeling about whether the instructions are really read, understood, and followed.

To convey the crucial information of such a guide in an interesting and motivational way especially for kids, Bernafon created a short movie that highlights all the important aspects when it comes to the handling of a hearing instrument. It is a mixture of education and entertainment and therefore fun to watch. So, all in all, it’s a great tool to support the HCP in his or her task to train all people involved in the pediatric fitting process.

Check out our Bernafon Leox Pediatric Movie below. I’m pretty sure you will find it easy to understand and enjoyable to watch, even for small kids who are an important target audience.

You can also find it on YouTube with this link if you want to save it or share it.
Video: Leox Pediatric Movie Bernafon (English)


About the author:

Reinhard Winter
Reinhard Winter, Hörakustikermeister
Reinhard works as International Product Manager Audiology at Bernafon. His main area of focus is on solutions for the very hard of hearing. Before joining Bernafon in 2005, he worked as a hearing care professional and audiological consultant for around 20 years – 10 years running his own shop in Germany. In 2009, Reinhard started to teach hearing aid and hearing aid fitting. In his private time, Reinhard enjoys spending time with his family, preferably in combination with playing sports and being out in nature.