5 marketing tips for hearing practices to engage with baby boomers

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Challenging the conception of old age being dull and boring, today's generation of older adults stands out from previous generations – they travel, take up new hobbies, and have more spending power than any other age group (Epsilon, 2019). Born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers qualify as your prime prospects when it comes to selling hearing aids. Here are five tips to motivate this key segment to take action.

  1. Give them meaning. As we age, we’re more likely to find happiness in the things that give us meaning on an emotional level (Smith, 2020). Baby boomers are less interested in materialistic factors, they place greater value in time spent with others. Focusing on the benefit good hearing brings to social gatherings or recreational retreats will build better rapport than praising a hearing aid’s latest technological features. With vibrant imagery and benefit-oriented messaging, Bernafon end-user literature is a great way to trigger interest with baby boomers.

  2. Keep your promises. Baby boomers are a complex blend of people who've lived through completely different times (Smith, 2020). They’ve seen it all, heard it all, and will see right through anything that seems too good to be true. When selling hearing aids to this population, try to resist using hyperboles and make sure to support your statements with facts. Bernafon product brochures provide well-substantiated guidance and our online library offers a wealth of audiological resources.

  3. Focus on customer service. Baby boomers are remarkably loyal (nConnections, 2020). If they find a product or service they like, they’ll stick with it – and they’ll tell their friends about it. Take the time to give them a thorough description of the product you’re selling, answer their questions and show them what good customer service is all about. We have a broad selection of marketing and counseling materials designed to help you notch up the value you deliver your clients – ask your Bernafon representative how to get them.

  4. Be online. Baby boomers use the internet to gather information on the products they’re interested in and compare the different options presented to them (Sweeney, 2020). They don't hesitate to browse through more than a few pages of the same website, if needed. Create and post information about the products you sell – on your website or blog –, explain the benefits, and convince baby boomers your practice is their next stop. Embedding our digital assets on your website is a solid way to help direct visitors to the right pages and make a good first impression. Order your customized Bernafon videos, banners, and key visuals with your Bernafon representative.

  5. Leverage social media. When it comes to social media, Facebook is king with boomer consumers. Statistics suggest baby boomers are the largest age cohort there, with 68 percent in 2019 (Statista, 2019). With an account on social platforms, you’re giving yourself more opportunities to interact and get your message in front of prospective buyers. For added visibility, you can reuse the Bernafon content we publish on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

We hope you find these tips useful.


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Alwynn Gilgen
Alwynn Gilgen
Alwynn is a project leader at Bernafon currently working on a variety of brand communications initiatives. A Minnesota university graduate, with professional background on both the agency and client sides, he has honed his marketing skills since coming to Bernafon in the fall of 2017. In his free time, Alwynn enjoys reading his history books, traveling, and hiking the trails of the Jura.