How to use Sound equalizer to adjust surrounding sounds

Sound equalizer* in the Bernafon App balances the surrounding, external sounds you hear through your hearing aids.

Before you start


Compatibility guide

See which phones will work with your hearing aids.

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Get the Bernafon App

Ensure you have the latest version of the Bernafon App.

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Pair your hearing aids with your phone or device

Once you've downloaded the Bernafon App, you need to pair your hearing aids with your device.

How to pair your hearing aids with other devices

On the tab bar, tap Sound.


Above the tab bar, in the middle, tap the Sound equalizer button.


Move the slider(s) up or down.

  • Low equalises bass tones
  • Mid equalises mid-range tones
  • High equalises treble tones

Default settings are always 0 dB and the range is between +6 dB and -6 dB.

Note: The Sound equalizer button is always visible on Apple devices and some Android devices. On other Android devices, the button only appears the first time you stream sound from your phone or other connected devices.

*This app feature is only available for select hearing aids.