How to adjust the volume and change programs with the Bernafon App

Find out how you can use the Bernafon hearing aid app to discreetly control your hearing aids’ volume and change the listening program.

Before you start


Compatibility guide

See which phones will work with your hearing aids.

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Get the Bernafon App

Ensure you have the latest version of the Bernafon App.

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Bernafon App icon for both Apple and Android versions of app.

Pair your hearing aids with your phone or device

Once you've downloaded the Bernafon App, you need to pair your hearing aids with your device.

How to pair your hearing aids with other devices

How to adjust the hearing aid volume

You can change the volume in both hearing aids at the same time or in each hearing aid independently.

How to mute your hearing aids

Tap the speaker icon at bottom left to mute and unmute your hearing aids.

How to change programs

Tap the Sound icon at the bottom left of your screen (on the tab bar) to access sound controls.

At the top of your screen, tap the down arrow to see your available programs, or toggle between your available programs by tapping the right and left arrows.

Your hearing care professional can make up to four different listening programs. Additional programs may be available for TV-A adapter, SoundClip-A, and/or Tinnitus SoundSupport™.