How to use HearingCoach in the Bernafon App

HearingCoach* is a feature that helps you get used to wearing hearing aids by setting a daily goal. HearingCoach then measures your progress towards your goal, and helps you increase the amount of time you wear your hearing aids.

Before you start


Compatibility guide

See which phones will work with your hearing aids.

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Get the Bernafon App

Ensure you have the latest version of the Bernafon App.

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Bernafon App icon for both Apple and Android versions of app.

Pair your hearing aids with your phone or device

Once you've downloaded the Bernafon App, you need to pair your hearing aids with your device.

How to pair your hearing aids with other devices

Your first time using HearingCoach


On the tab bar, tap More.


On the More benefits screen, tap HearingCoach.


Tap Next, then tap Start here.


On the Set your daily goal screen, near the top, tap a number to set your daily goal for wearing your hearing aids.


Tap Confirm goal.

The app is now set up to measure how long you wear your hearing aids each day.

Note: For best results, connect your hearing aids to the app every day.

*This app feature is only available for select hearing aids.