How to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote microphone

This functionality lets you use an iOS device as a remote microphone, so you can place your device near a person speaking and stream their voice to your hearing aids.

Before you start


Compatibility guide

See which phones will work with your hearing aids.

See the guide

Get the Bernafon App

Ensure you have the latest version of the Bernafon App.

Download the Bernafon App for iOSDownload the Bernafon App for Android
Bernafon App icon for both Apple and Android versions of app.

Pair your hearing aids with your phone or device

Once you've downloaded the Bernafon App, you need to pair your hearing aids with your device.

How to pair your hearing aids with other devices

Tap the Sound icon at the bottom left of your screen (on the tab bar) to access sound controls.


Ensure your hearing aids are set to a general listening program, and not one for a streaming device.


Tap the microphone icon to bring up the remote microphone text.


Toggle the remote microphone capability on. Tap it again to turn it off.


The remote microphone functionality is currently only available for Apple devices.