How to use Find my hearing aids

Find out how to use the Bernafon App to show the location of your hearing aids, so you can track them down if you lose them.

Before you start


To enable the ‘Find my hearing aids’ feature in the Bernafon App, set the location access to ‘always’. To do this:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Scroll down to the Bernafon App
  • Tap on the app and set the location access to ‘Always’

Get the Bernafon App

You need the Bernafon App to use Find my hearing aids.

Download the Bernafon App for iOSDownload the Bernafon App for Android
Bernafon App icon for both Apple and Android versions of app.

Have you lost your hearing aids?

It’s easy to misplace hearing aids. They can get knocked off while you’re walking or removing clothing. People often put them down somewhere and forget where they were, or simply can’t find them again.

Fortunately, modern hearing aids have helpful technology that can help you search for your hearing aids.

How does Find my hearing aids work?

Using the Bernafon App for iPhone and Android, you can use your phone to show you where your hearing aids are, so you can see which direction to walk in, and whether you are getting closer to them. The app connects to your hearing aids via wireless Bluetooth® technology, and uses your phone’s GPS.

How to use the Bernafon App to find your hearing aids


Open the Bernafon App.


Tap the hearing aid icon.


Tap Find my hearing aids.


The app may ask you to allow location access.

You need to allow the app to access your location to find your hearing aids.


Set the location access to ‘Always’.

How to find lost hearing aids

When you tap Find my hearing aids, your phone will begin searching for your hearing aids via Bluetooth technology. It will show a map of your surroundings. On the map, your hearing aids are indicated with a hearing aid icon.

A green hearing aid icon means the hearing aids is actively connected to your phone.

A red hearing aid icon means your hearing aid is no longer connected to your phone.

If your phone’s connection to the hearing aids is lost, you can see the date and time when they were last connected.

The two proximity bars at the top of the screen show how close you are to each hearing aid.

Move slowly towards your hearing aids to allow your phone to keep pace with you, and to ensure you don’t accidentally step on your hearing aids.

What happens if I can’t find a lost hearing aid?

Depending on your hearing aid professional, you may be able to get replacement hearing aids for free, or have some of the costs covered. If not, it is also a good idea to consult your insurance to find out if your hearing aids are covered.

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