Solving problems with Remote fitting

Get guidance to help you solve common issues when using Remote Fitting to hold a remote meeting with your hearing care professional.

I can only see myself – there is no video stream of my hearing care professional

  1. Let your hearing care professional know that you cannot see them. Your hearing care professional will attempt to refresh the video connection.
  2. Wait for a short while – usually the video stream is re-established automatically

What do I do if I receive a phone call during the Remote Fitting meeting?

We recommend that you decline phone calls during the Remote Fitting meeting.

What do I do if my Internet connection suddenly stops working?

Attempting to reconnect happens automatically. If the reconnection fails, you will have the option to end the meeting.

During a meeting, I left the Bernafon App and returned to it. Does that have any impact?

While your Bernafon App is not active, your hearing care professional cannot see you, and it may seem to them as if you have a connection issue.

I am having challenges with the meeting with my hearing care professional, e.g. video is unstable

This is most likely due to an unstable Internet connection. Try to repeat the visit with a better Internet connection.

The meeting suddenly ended without a mutual agreement with my hearing care professional

Try to reconnect to the visit or contact your hearing care professional.

The settings in my hearing aids can’t be recovered

  1. Ensure Bluetooth® is enabled on your device
  2. Ensure you insert new batteries or that your rechargeable hearing aids are fully charged
  3. Ensure your hearing aids are paired with your phone or tablet
  4. Restart the Bernafon App

The app checks if your hearing aids are in working order. In some cases, the app goes into recovery mode and updates your hearing aids with the latest settings from your hearing care professional. Please follow the guidance in the app. If you still cannot recover the settings in your hearing aids, ensure you contact your hearing care professional.