Why does the Bernafon App only show one hearing aid?

Learn why the Bernafon App can only show one hearing aid, and how to fix the issue.

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One of your hearing aids may be disconnected

Here are some tips to help you reconnect your hearing aid.


Try to turn Bluetooth® on and off on your phone.

Go to > Settings.

Switch Bluetooth off and then on again.


Check that both hearing aids are paired with your phone.

Your hearing aids may need a firmware update

What is firmware?

Firmware is built-in software that controls the mini computer inside each of your hearing aids. Firmware needs to be updated occasionally, as we continually develop and improve it.

Firmware 1.4.0 issue

Some people with Bernafon Alpha firmware 1.4.0 have experienced that only one hearing aid appears in the app. We have identified the cause and fixed it with a firmware update. We recommend updating to firmware 1.4.2, by contacting your hearing care professional.

You can also update your hearing aid firmware through the Bernafon App.

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How to check the firmware in your hearing aids

To check the firmware version of each of your hearing aids, you can use the Bernafon App. As you can only see one hearing aid in the app, you will need to pair them one at a time.

First, check the firmware version of the hearing aid that you can see in the app.

Tap the 'Hearing Aids' bottom menu.

Tap Hearing Aids settings.

Tap Hearing Aid Details.

Then turn that hearing aid off and close the app.

Next, restart your other hearing aid and reopen the Bernafon App, then repeat the steps above.

Alternatively, contact your hearing care professional if your hearing aids have different firmware. They will be able to see it in their hearing aid fitting software. If your hearing aids have different firmware, your hearing care professional will update them both to the latest version.

Different versions of firmware on each hearing aid

If your right and left hearing aids have different firmware versions, it can be difficult to pair both hearing aids with the app.

Why would firmware be different?

This can happen if only one of your hearing aids is sent for servicing, or when only one of the hearing aids is renewed. In this case, only one hearing aid is updated.

You may have different hearing aid models for each ear

If you have different types of hearing aids for each of your ears, you won’t be able to pair the Bernafon App with both of your hearing aids.

This is because the app can only be paired to one set of hearing aids, and if the model of the right hearing aid is different from the model of the left hearing aid, they are treated as two different sets of hearing aids.

You may have more than one iOS device paired with your hearing aids

If you have several iOS devices paired to your hearing aids, such as an iPhone and an iPad, it can cause issues.

You can find out more and see how to solve any issues here.

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You may have a CROS transmitter for single-sided deafness

If one of your hearing devices is a CROS transmitter rather than a hearing aid, you won’t be able to connect it to the Bernafon App because CROS transmitters don’t have Bluetooth technology.

CROS transmitters are for people with single-sided deafness, also known as unilateral hearing loss. They act as microphones on the ear where you can’t hear anything and send the sound over to the hearing aid on your other ear.

Your hearing aids may be fitted as monaural sets

If you have an ordinary (binaural) set of hearing aids, and one of your hearing aids becomes lost or broken, the app will keep searching for the missing hearing aid.

If you want to keep using your one remaining hearing aid with the app, you will need to ask your audiologist to fit your one remaining hearing aid as a ‘monaural set’, in order to pair it with the app.

When a second hearing aid becomes available again, the two hearing aids will need to be re-fitted as a binaural set. If this does not happen, your two hearing aids are fitted as monaural sets. This means each one of them will be treated as one set of hearing aids. As only one set of hearing aids can be paired with the app, it won’t be possible to pair both of the hearing aids at the same time.

To solve this, ask your hearing care professional to refit both of your hearing aids as a binaural set.