Why is the battery level in the Bernafon App inaccurate?

Learn more about reading disposable battery levels and get tips to help improve their accuracy.

How to improve battery level readings


Restart your hearing aids.

After 15 minutes of use, you should see more accurate battery level readings in the Bernafon App.


Open the battery drawers at night.

If your hearing aids have disposable batteries, you should open the battery drawers at night so any moisture inside your hearing aids can ventilate out.

This is important because moisture can build up inside hearing aids, affecting the quality of the electrical contact between the batteries and the hearing aid.


Keep the batteries clean.

Wash and dry your hands before inserting batteries and avoid touching the surface under their protective sticker, once it is removed. If you do touch the surface, wipe it off with a dry cloth.


Let the battery breathe.

When you remove the protective sticker from a new battery, allow it to rest for three minutes before inserting it into a hearing aid. This allows the air to fully activate the battery, and extends its life.